August Playlist – New Music Special ğŸŽ·

August is about to hit us – holiday month! For some smashing songs that you will never have heard before, you’re in the right place! These songs may not be topping the charts, but are the best of the as yet undiscovered tunes that I’ve managed to discover through intensive jamming… And mark my words, by the time my September playlist is out, these songs will be big…


This is by far and away my absolutely fave tune at the moment. Jason Derulo’s new upbeat, catchy tune is so awesome to listen to and I’ve had it on loop since I unearthed this little gem last night – it’s that good!

Final Song – MØ

Danish singer MØ often features on tracks like Major Lazer and Justin Bieber’s song Cold Water (my favourite and least favourite artists collaborating 😡) but now she’s released this epic song by herself and is definitely worth adding to your playlists…

Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

They are probably the hottest producer duo right now and following up their unreal song Don’t Let Me Down they have followed it up with Closer, featuring Halsey, a male and female duo. It was only uploaded on YouTube yesterday, so it’s as fresh as you get, and I really love it – but it doesn’t quite top Don’t Let Me Down which I’m addicted to.

Golden Light – Madden ft. 6AM

This is an unknown song from two unknown artists!!! I found it lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of Spotify, but Nordic producer Madden’s super piano and electronic music combo coupled with the unique, engaging vocals of 6AM, and a catchy beat drop, make this a hidden gem that could go really big.

Nervous (The Ooh Song): Mark McCabe Remix

This song is so rare that I couldn’t find it on YouTube, but Soundcloud and Spotify both have it. It is a sweet remix by Mark McCabe of Gavin James’ beautiful song Nervous. The two Irishmen combine superbly to make a beautiful but upbeat song that I honestly can’t get out of my head!

Please Don’t Go – Joel Adams

Joel Adams is a 19-year-old Australian singer/songwriter who penned this song in under an hour four years ago! It topped a UK breakthrough artist chart in the last couple of months and will probably go big soon – it’s beautifully written and sung and is another classy tune.

So there you have 6 songs that you’ve probably never heard before, but are great additions to your list of top tracks ahead of holiday time!

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