Countdown to Kick-Off: Premier League 16/17 Predictions

It’s that time again. The start of a new season, full of anticipation, excitement and unpredictability. We come into it off the back of the most remarkable sporting story of recent times, with Leicester triumphing at 5000-1. In my last season’s predictions, I messed up really badly, backing Chelsea to win it and Leicester to prop up the table at the bottom! Let’s hope I do  a bit better this time…


  1. Man City

  2. Man United

  3. Tottenham

  4. Liverpool

  5. Chelsea

  6. Arsenal

  7. West Ham

  8. Everton

  9. Stoke

  10. Leicester

  11. Southampton

  12. Crystal Palace

  13. Middlesborough

  14. Bournemouth

  15. Swansea

  16. West Brom

  17. Sunderland

  18. Watford

  19. Hull

  20. Burnley

The quality of managers joining the league, plus some of the biggest players in football, mean that this is probably the hardest league to predict in years. Any of the top 6 could win it, any of the bottom 9 could go down, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this prediction is as rubbish as the rest!

Keep an eye out for more build-up throughout the next few days before the big kick-off at the KC Stadium, including the highly-anticipated return of Feisty Footy, as ‘Football Frenzy’!

Submit your own predictions and reasons below:

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