I’m Back! Bet you missed me…

Hey there, dedicated followers of blametheblogger people who look at my blog because I nag them to!

After a long break since my last post, in which a huge number of you (somewhere between 2 and 3 people) have been begging me to update, I thought it’d be a nice idea to round up everything that’s been going on since I’ve been offline!

In the wacky world of footy, the big story was the ridiculous downfall of Big Sam, who threw away his dream job as England gaffer in ironic and brilliant fashion, explaining in great detail how to con the FA, his employers… These circumstances are a blogger’s dream – I can now mock Allardyce in hilarious new ways! (job tips from Big Sam coming soon, perhaps?)

The season has started in spectacular fashion, with all the big teams bursting out of the traps and Man City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool looking likeliest to go for glory this campaign. However, Italian boss Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester side are struggling, and will need to learn to pasta ball if they want a pizza silverware this year…

When it comes to music, not much has happened, as the October playlist is still not out yet (sorry Max!). Obviously, with no monthly playlist from blamethblogger, the music industry has collapsed – a fact clearly proven by James Arthur being at number one…

To be perfectly honest, in the world of tech, nothing new has happened. I guess a couple of minor changes are the release of the best phone ever, the downfall of 3.5mm headphones, the release of the best football game ever, the release of two brand new consoles, a controversial new iOS… Really not much at all, eh?

And as for me, well, I’ve been busy polishing my html, scrubbing up my tagging and ironing my code, ready for an epidemic of blog posts that will be deleted instantly from inboxes around the world…

Let’s get blogging!

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