30k!!! 🎉

Yesterday I passed 30,000 views!!! Get in! 

Sorry, I had to 😂

Anyway, this is great stuff! So because I need to make this post a bit longer, here are some meaningless facts!!

Out of my 30,070 views (and counting), the most popular day has been Friday with 16% of views, and most popular hour is 6pm with 8%!! My best ever day for views is 268 on February 1st 2016.

My views per year:

2012 – 323

2013 – 3,766

2014 – 4,448

2015 – 11,608

2016 (so far) – 9,927

If my current rate of views is kept up, I’ll pass 10,000 for this year on Christmas day.

This year alone, I have been viewed from over 100 countries, and 44.535% of all my views came from Google!

Ok that’s enough useless information that you probably didn’t bother reading. Anyway, thanks for sometimes bothering to read my posts, I really appreciate it!!! 😀

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