Premier League Christmas Review and Predictions ⚽️👌

I am really really rubbish at predicting football. I just am. It’s never been something I’m very good at. Ever. But I still do it, because I know how many people (about 4) like reading my football prediction posts. So here’s another one. And since I haven’t written a football post at all this season this one is pretty massive


At the start of the season I boldly predicted who would come where in the league this season. My predictions were:

  1. Man City

  2. Man United

  3. Tottenham

  4. Liverpool

  5. Chelsea

  6. Arsenal

  7. West Ham

  8. Everton

  9. Stoke

  10. Leicester

  11. Southampton

  12. Crystal Palace

  13. Middlesborough

  14. Bournemouth

  15. Swansea

  16. West Brom

  17. Sunderland

  18. Watford

  19. Hull

  20. Burnley


So how have I done so far? Here’s how it compares to the current table (time of writing 23/12)…

Team August Prediction Christmas Position Difference!
Man City 1 3 -2
Man United 2 6 -4
Tottenham 3 5 -2
Liverpool 4 2 +2
Chelsea 5 1 +4
Arsenal 6 4 +2
West Ham 7 13 -6
Everton 8 9 -1
Stoke 9 11 -2
Leicester 10 15 -5
Southampton 11 7 +4
Crystal Palace 12 17 -5
Middlesborough 13 14 -1
Bournemouth 14 10 +4
Swansea 15 19 -4
West Brom 16 8 +8
Sunderland 17 18 -1
Watford 18 12 +6
Hull 19 20 -1
Burnley 20 16 +4

So I’ve done very badly again obviously! I so far haven’t got a single position right, and only 4 one off. So who has done much better or worse than I expected?


West Brom (Predicted 16th, Currently 8th)

The Baggies are on a roll! Tony Pulis has them playing better, defending very well and grinding out results superbly! Always a threat from set-pieces, West Brom have scored 23 goals in 17 games so far, and one particular shining star has been Salomon Rondon, scoring 7 this campaign including a quality hat-trick against Swansea. If they keep up this level of performance, a top 10 finish could be on the cards for the pre-season relegation contenders.

West Ham (Predicted 7th, Currently 13th)

Oh, Slaven, what’s gone wrong mate?! They had a superb season last time out, and with a huge move to the London Stadium and some seemingly very smart signings, most people thought they’d have another fantastic season and challenge for European places. It’s been as far from that as possible. They have been very poor, sitting nervously just 5 points above the relegation zone. In the last few weeks they have picked up the pace, gaining 7 points from a possible 9, but humiliating results against Arsenal and Manchester United are still raw and the Hammers need a big first few months of 2017 if they are to finish as highly as a team like them should this year.

Leicester (Predicted 10th, Currently 15th)

Championes, championes, ole ole ole. Well the feelings of joy last year have quickly disintegrated, as the champions face the very real danger of relegation come the end of this season. I think they will stay up comfortably in the end, but to do that they need to turn things around and fast. Their 4-2 win over Manchester City seemed to be a sign of things to come with the break from Champions League football giving them a chance to focus on the Premier League, but their 2-2 draw with Stoke was disappointing although they showed some heart to come from behind. They should finish comfortably in mid-table at the end of the season, but if any fans were wishing for their momentum from last time out to continue, they have been cruelly silenced.

Manchester United (Predicted 2nd, Currently 6th)

The wheels on Jose’s bus are falling off, crumbling, struggling, the wheels on Jose’s bus are in a mess, all season long.

The defenders on the bus have been awful, terrible, no good at all, the defenders on the bus have been very poor, all season long.

Paul Pogba’s on the bus but he got lost, inconsistent and quite bad (!!), Paul Pogba cost the bus a ton of cash, but he’s a bit 💩.

United are struggling, performing badly and are 13 points off the league leaders – will they even make the top 4?


So what about my updated predictions for the end of the season??

Position Team
1 Chelsea
2 Manchester City
3 Liverpool
4 Arsenal
5 Manchester United
6 Tottenham
7 Everton
8 Southampton
9 West Ham
10 Stoke
11 West Brom
12 Leicester
13 Crystal Palace
14 Watford
15 Bournemouth
16 Middlesborough
17 Sunderland
18 Swansea
19 Burnley
20 Hull

There’s still a lot of the season to go, and who knows what the table will be like come May, but the title race and the relegation battle are already hotting up, and everyone is braced for an explosive rest of the season! 💥

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