Hey There!

My name is Louis, or you may know me by my blogging alias of Gouis23.

I have been writing on my website, blametheblogger.com, since I was 9 (in 2012). It has always been a passion of mine to write articles and upload fun content to the internet, and I really enjoy gathering media and snippets from the vast web and brining it together in my cute, simplistic site.

Based in England, I like writing about English and European football (along with other global sports), music and technology, along with various other brilliant content that you can explore in the header above.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I always aim for it to be really interactive – so please vote, comment and play!

Over to you now.


Louis//Gouis23, Chief (and only) Writer, blametheblogger.com


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“Wigowous Weading Matewials!”