5 Games You Should Be Playing!

Am I the only one who always feels like they need a new phone game to play? Honestly, it feels like every day I want something new to play. That’s why I’m sharing 5 games that you should definitely try out. 1. Infection This game is really fun. You may have heard of Plague Inc.… Continue reading 5 Games You Should Be Playing!

OSM – Football Manager with Friends

Online Soccer Manager is a hugely popular online and┬ámobile game that combines Football Manager with online gameplay to create an insanely fun game to play with friends. You take control of a club – let’s say a Premier League team, though it can be any league. In my league, I am Tottenham, and am currently… Continue reading OSM – Football Manager with Friends

Clash Royale – Supercell’s Best Yet?

It’s been a long time coming, but when Supercell’s new game Clash Royale landed in the UK App Store, it didn’t disappoint. The game combines the popular faces from Clash of Clans with gameplay that card battlers like Hearthstone would be proud of, alongside a dose of FIFA Ultimate Team in the ‘packs’ – chests – and the online match-ups…

‘Pocket Planes’ Plane Guide

Pocket Planes is an ingenious game by NimbleBit in which you control and expand an empire of planes and you build and upgrade airports and planes to ferry passengers around in. On the excel spreadsheet attached is my plane guide with points to say how good each plane is. It is based on no upgrades… Continue reading ‘Pocket Planes’ Plane Guide

Game of the Year Winners

It was very close, but after the voting, the results are in. The 5 contenders have been ranked from 5th to 1st… 5th: FIFA 15 Scoring 39/50 points, and with no votes, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team comes in at last place! 4th: Retry Scoring the same as FIFA, but receiving 20% of the┬ávotes, Retry is… Continue reading Game of the Year Winners

Game Of The Year 2014 Contenders

It’s back! The app of the year has been replaced by the game of the year, but it is still as exciting as before!┬áHere are the contenders: This year it’s wide open for the winners, and here are the contenders with a few ‘top trump’ facts! Clash of Clans Strategy game where you build a… Continue reading Game Of The Year 2014 Contenders

Should You Choose Apple or Samsung?

They are possibly the two biggest technology companies in the world, and both make reliable, simple and genius products. Today I’m going to be comparing them on┬áSmartphones and┬áTablets, the biggest new technological advancements of recent times. I will also include what Samsung really have to think of Apple’s latest iPhone, the iPhone 6 and 6… Continue reading Should You Choose Apple or Samsung?

‘Launchpad’ by Novation

Launchpad is a tool used to create some fantastic music and catchy tunes. I have the Launchpad App, which I find so much fun, but there is also a separate device to bust out some pretty epic sounds. The way it works is that you select from different categories of music, such as House or… Continue reading ‘Launchpad’ by Novation

Clash of Clans: The Best Game Ever?

Clash of Clans, by Supercell, the top grossing game on Apple devices, is possibly the most addictive I’ve ever played!┬áHere is a bit about me on CoC! (Info as of 6pm 7/4/14) First, I’ll tell you a little bit about me on Clash of Clans: Name: Gouis23 Level: 52 Status: Farming Farming Range: 1000-1200 Trophies:… Continue reading Clash of Clans: The Best Game Ever?

Guest Post: iPad Air Review

Here is another Guest Post, this time by Noor! Thanks for the posting! Hello everyone! My name is Noor from Adventures of a Wonder Kid. Before I start anything I want to thank blametheblogger for letting me guest post here today. I recently got the iPad Air for the holidays and it is AMAZING! So… Continue reading Guest Post: iPad Air Review

Google Glass – A Lens to the Future

Google Glass is a wearable computer, in the form of glasses. It projects pictures in front of your very eyes! This is why I think that Google Glass is a lens to the future! Technology is on the up – iPhones, Androids, 3D TVs and touchscreen computers, are all features of the 21st century world.… Continue reading Google Glass – A Lens to the Future

The Best iPod Touch App Award

Welcome to the App of the year award 2014! The winners have been selected after a long voting period! Category 1: Sports Games Nominees: Real Racing Three VTT3 Football Manager 2013 Handheld NSS FIFA 14 Score! World Goals! It was a very tight decision, but I can tell you now that the winner is… FIFA… Continue reading The Best iPod Touch App Award

The Best iPod Touch Apps Award Nominees

What are the best apps on the iPod? Lets find out! Category 1 – Sports Games Real Racing 3 – A fantastic racing game, with a huge database of information! VTT3 – Only the greatest, most realistic table tennis game ever! Three different game modes on three different levels! Football Manager 2013 Handheld – The… Continue reading The Best iPod Touch Apps Award Nominees

The New iPhones – 5S and 5C

Two New iPhones are being announced and one phased out in Apple’s attempt to revive a bad 12 months for the American company! iPhone 5C The new, lower-standard iPhone is a new achievement in technology – it’s PLASTIC! With the new iOS 7 (below), a new, colourful option for an iPhone is now available. As… Continue reading The New iPhones – 5S and 5C