October Playlist 👊

It’s been too long since the last monthly playlist, and after a month and a half I think it’s finally time for the much-anticipated/completely forgotten-about October playlist! My Way – Calvin Harris This song has been deleted from YouTube!!!!!!! But don’t worry, you can still listen on Spotify and iTunes, and it’s a really great tune which… Continue reading October Playlist 👊

September Playlist 🎶

The holiday month is over 😭 and now I’m back from the sun ☀️ and in cold old London. I’m sure every one else is feeling depressed as the back to work and school week is just around the corner… BUT there is one thing that’ll cheer you up! My September playlist is hear (pun… Continue reading September Playlist 🎶

August Playlist – New Music Special 🎷

August is about to hit us – holiday month! For some smashing songs that you will never have heard before, you’re in the right place! These songs may not be topping the charts, but are the best of the as yet undiscovered tunes that I’ve managed to discover through intensive jamming… And mark my words, by… Continue reading August Playlist – New Music Special 🎷

July Playlist 🎧

Big news! I have finally worked out how to use emojis on my blog 😀 So now I can 😂, 😱 and of course 😁 any time I like! Hooray 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 But onto the post. Here are some great new songs that will get you in a summery mood… 🏝 Up&Up – Coldplay This super… Continue reading July Playlist 🎧

Capital Summertime Ball 2016

A break from the Euros coverage, and yesterday I was lucky enough to go to the Capital FM Summertime Ball at Wembley Stadium. 80,000 people watched 21 different artists and groups sing their biggest hits for 8 hours! Little Mix opened the show with an energetic, professional set, and their new single, Hair, went down very well with the… Continue reading Capital Summertime Ball 2016

Song of 2016 (So Far) Competiton

It’s been a great musical year so far and there have been some incredible tunes released, and now it’s April I thought I’d have a vote/competition to see which song is the best of all the big 2016 hits. Will Justin Bieber or Lukas Graham triumph as favourites, or will Major Lazer and Jonas Blue be surprise packages?

Is the Rise of Collaborations the Future of Music?

If you take a look at a November 2015 Big Top 40 chart, 11 out of the 40 songs are by or featuring two different artists/bands, and two are by three, whereas in the top 40 songs of 2000, only three are by over one artist. Does this indicate that the future of music lies with collaborations?

Music Review Part 2: Timber

Kesha’s snazzy vocals and Pitbull’s cool rapping really gets you pumping in the new track, Timber! Number 1 in 22 countries, Timber has come crashing down like a wooden beam (which it is…). That joke is just terrible. Actually, is it even a joke? More About Pitbull Pitbull has been rapping for over 13 years… Continue reading Music Review Part 2: Timber

Music Review Part 1: Stay the Night

Zedd’s new tune with Hayley Williams has taken off, but is it worth it? Zedd’s track has really taken off in the UK, finding itself second in the charts before dropping three places. It features Hayley Williams, an American singer and songwriter. More About Zedd Zedd is a German DJ who began producing electronic music… Continue reading Music Review Part 1: Stay the Night

X Factor Final 2013 Results – Live Blog

Sam overcomes Nicholas to win! Luke Friend comes third! What a series! See you soon!!! Sam Bailey has won and all this year’s acts have surrounded her! Mrs O has won on her return to the X Factor. Sam Bailey’s hit Skyscraper (originally by Demi Lovato) will be in the race for the Christmas Number… Continue reading X Factor Final 2013 Results – Live Blog

X Factor Final 2013 – Live Blog

Luke eliminated! Sam and Nicholas progress! 0901205051__ on landline 65051__ on mobiles Nicholas – 01 Sam – 02   See you all soon – Luke has gone home!!! Wrong decision in my mind, Luke has more talent than Nicholas, hope he gets a record deal and does well #xfactor — Lisa Ebblewhite (@RobbiesAngel76) December 14,… Continue reading X Factor Final 2013 – Live Blog

The Big Top 40: Who is the New Number 1?

The latest UK chart reveals who is number 1! The big question was would anyone topple Lorde at the top of the tree? Here is numbers 40 – 11! Chart as of Sunday 3rd November 2013 40. Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke) 39. Disco Love (The Saturdays) 38. Rap God (Eminem) 37. All Night (Icona Pop) 36.… Continue reading The Big Top 40: Who is the New Number 1?

Hot or Not: Music Edition

Here we look at recent music, and judge if it is HOT or NOT!!! HOT IS RED NOT IS BLUE   Counting Stars – OneRepublic This new tune is so hot, it might burn your toes off! Royals – Lorde I love this great new song! Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus Lukewarm from Miley! Hold… Continue reading Hot or Not: Music Edition

Top 15 Songs of the Summer

At the end of a great summer, let’s countdown the top songs! 15. Let’s kick it off with a great tune from Bruno Mars – Treasure! 14. A controversial entry from JZ and JT (Jay-Zee and Justin Timberlake) – Holy Grail! 13. Roar, by Katy Perry, is at 13! 12. The First Entry for Aviicii… Continue reading Top 15 Songs of the Summer